When I began my business I was a stay at home mother to two little girls and wanted to find a way to get back into the working world without leaving home. It was very important to me to work for myself so I could set my own hours and work in the evenings when my husband was home or my girls were asleep.  


I have always been a creative person and a few years prior I had started making candles for myself and my friends. It came from a desire to make a non-toxic candle that I could feel good about burning. Most of the candles I purchased would give me headaches and leave black soot marks on my walls which is not something I wanted to be breathing in. A beautifully scented candle can really flood you with feelings of joy. I was determined to make a candle that had a beautiful scent but was also clean and safe to burn. 


After several months of mixing and pouring I came up with a base recipe I was happy with. I decided to post a few online to sell and about two months later I was approached to be in a craft fair during the upcoming holiday season. It was my first craft fair and I was very unprepared but I still managed to have a great day. That show was the first moment I realized this could be something. It could be the job I had been looking for. Several years and hundreds of craft shows later I can finally say with confidence that I am a small business owner.